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Cholewiński 1982

About us

A Polish family brand, created and run for almost 35 years by the Cholewiński family.

The founder of the Cholewiński manufactory, Jan says that from the very beginning of the company's existence, he tried to initiate the philosophy of a modern Polish brand strongly based on tradition. Since then, the CHOLEWIŃSKI brand has been associated with exceptional quality natural leather. Another trademark of this brand is manual production, which the company cultivates despite the development of technology.

About us

A modern Polish luxury brand

Rightly investing in the art and profession of their purse makers, which, combined with the materials used, guarantee an excellent product. CHOLEWIŃSKI specializes in the production of a full range of leather goods and luggage, and the brand's characteristic product are its unique women's handbags presented in very short collections made of unique leather.


Electrifying, modern, noble

CHOLEWIŃSKI products represent the pinnacle of Polish leathercraft craftsmanship and are unmatched in terms of quality and attention to detail.


Synonym for quality

Looking for a name for the company, Jan Cholewiński wanted to express his commitment and responsibility to what he creates, which is why he was not afraid to vouch for each product with his own name.

About us


Ask the service in the salon how we can prepare changed bags for a special customer order. More details online soon.

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